Stories from Overflow

Over the next few weeks we want to share some stories from past Overflow conferences with you.  There is no better way for you to know what Overflow is like, unless you hear from the people that have already been to the conference.  If you have friends that you want to invite, or people that are hesitant to register, we hope that you share these stories with them.  This is the heart of Overflow and these are the women of Overflow.  We love them so much and we know that you will too.

Dani’s story

When I think about Overflow, I think about community and fellowship. During a very difficult time, I was introduced to Overflow.  At first, I had some reservations and was a little skeptical. In my past experiences with single parent groups, they felt disconnected from the church and lacked vision, so I went in unsure of what to expect. Overflow was exactly what my heart needed. As women and mom's, we are constantly giving to our children, jobs, relationships, etc. and Overflow was an opportunity to take a deep breath, be still in prayer, cry/sing out to the Lord, and soak up the knowledge and wisdom of our God. 

I left feeling refreshed and inspired.  Eager and more hopeful, than when I walked in.  I left Overflow feeling loved in the most sweet way. 


Misty’s Story

It is difficult to sum up Overflow in just one paragraph!  It has meant so so much to me :)  You never “hope” that you are going to be in a position where the need for other women to wrap you up and carry you is there. Nobody “hopes” for that kind of hurt.  But these women…the women of Bayou City Fellowship who have this calling on their lives…they do EXACTLY that, and they do it with such beauty and such grace.  I have never seen anything like it.  

Pretty early in my adult life, I realized that people who are real and broken and authentic and full of grace are the people I wanted to be surrounded by in life.  This is where beauty in relationship happens. What I felt when I walked into that room full of brokenness (at Overflow) was something you have to experience to understand.  That brokenness facilitates “real” and “authentic” in a way that nothing else can.  I have never felt the presence of the Holy Spirit the way I did that weekend…and all because I followed the leading of the Holy Spirit and went to Starbucks!  hahaha :) yes, you heard me right!  2 nights before Overflow I had an hour and a half to kill before picking my daughter up at VBS and I had a little angel and devil duking it out on my shoulders about how I should use that time.  I was really feeling like I was supposed to go to Starbucks for some reason, but I was feeling guilty about it!  You know, feeling like I should be doing laundry or cleaning or something more “mom like” or domestic.  Well I went…and there was the Overflow flyer on the cork board at Starbucks!  The rest is history :) 

Heather’s Story

The most precious gift that is given to us is often something we won't ever see at that moment. My life today is so different then it was when I walked through the doors at BCF, I promise you in those moments I couldn't feel the love that was shared with me, I couldn't see the possibility of good. It took me too many years to get to Overflow. I'll admit it, I wonder what would have changed had I gone sooner? 

What does overflow mean to me? Overflow was the turning point in believing that regardless of my current situation the future held something better. It was the eye opener to believing I could also find happiness in my current situation. It was the reminder that my past, the abuse, the fear, the being alone...didn't define me. Overflow gave me hope. It gave me peace. It gave me an overflowing of love for life today.

You too can have your own Overflow story.  We hope that you and your friends register today at  We will see you soon!

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