Stories from Overflow - Courtney's Story

First, I will give you a quick run through of my youth. My father and mother were married over 30 years, they started dating when they were teenagers. My dad was a rebel, alcoholic, drug addict until I was born and then he chose to give it all up and give his life to Christ.

My whole life I grew up in a God-fearing home. I went to a private Christian school almost all my life. I was the first born of three and never got in trouble...until I became a teenager. My parents had a three quarter house and prison ministry. They dedicated their whole life to helping others. My dad lead to Christ and baptized over 1,000 people. I am my father’s child, I had to learn the hard way.


I moved out at 17, was on and off drugs for years. I got pregnant by 21 by an abusive man. Still didn’t learn my lesson and got pregnant two more times by this man who had me feeling like I would never be anyone or have anyone but him. My father got sick in 2009 and on his death bed told me to leave that relationship and give my kids a better life. I did. It took me many years of hard lessons and struggle along with back stepping but in 2014 I packed and moved to Houston.

I got a call one month prior to Overflow, from a family member who I didn’t know, who lived in Houston to inform me she signed me and the kids up for Overflow at Bayou City. I was very nervous! I had spent the last year completely alone, just my kids and me, so I wasn’t sure if I was ready to be surrounded by people yet. Something told me I had to go. I was always a believer. My dad planted some deep seeds in me. From the day he died until I decided to go to Overflow, I carried a lot of hate and anger. Hate for losing him, hate for all the abuse I went through and for being stuck alone to raise three children. As soon as I walked into Overflow I felt that hate disappear. I cannot begin to explain the feeling of peace. Something in me awakened.  I was greeted by people who beamed love. The first five minutes there I felt at home. The whole weekend was just full of building relationships with women who need other women, restoring your relationship with yourself, and most importantly God.

Until that weekend, I had no idea how badly I needed a genuine hug and women who understood my pain. I have made the most amazing friendships and have women to look up to and run to when I need encouragement.  I learned that weekend that being a single mom was not a label. It was a situation, and situations are what you make of them. He chose us and adopted us as treasured daughters (Eph 1:4-8) I started going to Bayou City for church and later joined a community group. Not only has being a part of the Overflow group, church and community group blessed me by being so supportive when I am in need, but it has helped me reach a point in my life where blessing others who need it has become more important to my kids and me. I see the change in myself, but most importantly, I see the change in my little family. The way I parent and the way I love my children has grown and developed into this beautiful thing. I am basking in the Love of God and he has surrounded me with a loving, caring and protective family.

Register today at and become a part of the Overflow family!  We can't wait to see what God has in store for all of us this year! 

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