Stories from Overflow - Bonnie's Story

Sometimes life's biggest blessings come in the smallest of packaging. My neighbor called and said, “You should go to Overflow. And I’ll pay for it.” This is how my story started. And it has forever changed my life.

After ten years of marriage, four amazing children, and seven years of a stay at home mom career, by my own choice, it was all over. And I own it. I own the fear I felt when I said the D word. I own the reality of rocking my children's world. I own the complete redefining of my normal.  It's not the place you plan to be after just turning 40, but it was my reality. And I felt completely lost.

It was March 14, 2015. To be fair and completely honest, the only reason I went to Overflow is because it was free, it was close by AND I had talked another single mom into going with me. I sat down at a table with my friend, not fully knowing what exactly I had said yes to. When the music started, and all those women flung their hands in the air in worship, I felt so out of place. It had been a very long time since I had been in a room full of women, who I was sure, loved Jesus with all their guts! And be sure, God was very much present there, in that strange little building that looked like the Alamo. He was there and He knew exactly what He was doing. And I was more and more convinced that I was meant to be there too as the day went on. I met some of the most God fearing women, heard some amazing, gut wrenching, rip my heart out testimonies, and  was reminded over and over again that God knew I would be a single mom before I ever considered it. Finding myself at a “single mom conference” was all but overwhelming for me, to be labeled as such was just unreal. Because that just wasn’t the plan for my life. But looking back I know this conference was God’s way of helping me live and cope…..and bless….this reality I had created. Because His plan, had JUST begun in me.

The next six Sundays were a post Overflow study group. Enter the enemy. I didn’t attend the first two. I wasn’t feeling “it” and even though I loved the conference, I just kept finding excuses as to why I didn’t need to be there. But God!! One day, I finally picked up the book from the study group and started reading it. I was totally drawn into to this woman's story. It was the first time I had read a book and identified with a single mom. Ok God! I HAD to go back to the group and be a part of this discussion. The following Sunday morning I went to the study group. It was nice to see some of the women again and be able to talk through this single mom story. Afterwards, everyone was going to service. Even as I sit and type this, the tears have welled up because I remember how I felt that morning sitting in my chair with all these women praising the One who brought me there. Since my divorce, I had been looking for a home church to bring my family to, and not once did I ever consider this one. Until now. I knew that everything I had been searching for and the amazing heart of God had just been placed in my lap. I felt so incredibly blessed to have gone to church that day, listened to the sermon and been totally overwhelmed by God’s renewed love for me, despite the choices I had made to end my marriage. I remember wanting to run back to my neighbor and hug her and tell her that what she did changed my life. This church. These people. They changed my life. They SAVED my life. Nearly two years later, here I sit. My children are plugged in, we have a foundation to build on and there is a new Head of our household.  And most importantly, I don’t feel like I am parenting alone anymore. I am walking along side Jesus and He will forever lead us through our life here on earth.

There don’t seem to be sufficient words to adequately describe these last two years of my amazing journey and my relationship with Jesus. Yet, they would look completely different if one person had changed the course of their actions. But God!! I am now a member of the greatest church in the city involved in a community group, Discipleship, the Overflow planning team and serving people in His name. I could not be more blessed.

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