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We are giving away a week of summer camp from Pine Cove Silverado!!  It is an amazing opportunity for your child!  Thanks to the generosity of the folks at Pine Cove, we have been able to give away camp weeks at the previous two Overflow conferences.   Both years, the families that received the camp week had great experiences!  A week at camp is valued at over $1000!!  Last year's winner was Shepard Leder and his mom Debbie.  We got together recently and asked them to share their thoughts on the Pine Cove camp experience.

With a vivid imagination and a sincere heart for others, Shepard is a 10 year old boy who loves life and is very active.  He had a blast at camp last year and he is excited that his mom signed him up to go back this summer!  It was his first time to ever go to sleep away camp and he loved it.  We thought it would be fun to share his thoughts about Pine Cove with you:

What was your favorite memory of camp last year?
When we did the mud wars!  I got mud in my eyes and all over my hair.  Every single kid there had to take a shower afterwards!

What was your counselor's name?
Fruit Ninja!  They all went by names that were different from their real names.

Did your cabin win any awards?
Yes!  Each day there was a cabin that got the award for being cleaned the best!  We won that a few times!

What was your favorite theme night?
Camouflage night!  I dressed up for all of them.  There was a Star Wars night too!

What was your favorite activity?
Every day. they gave us an hour of free time.  Every morning, I went to the store and got a Gatorade and an ice cream bar and then I went to the pool.  I went swimming every day!

What were some other activities?
We did a water war with water soakers in two big tree houses that were a couple of stories high.  We played capture the flag.  We zip lined into the lake.  You could kayak with a friend.  We could play basketball, dodgeball, archery, or shooting.  It was really fun!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone going to camp for the first time what would it be?
Make sure you do everything more than once because everything is super fun!

On a scale of 1 to 10 how fun was it?

Debbie is Shepard's mom. He is her only child and she was a little nervous to send him away for his first overnight camp. We wanted to get her thoughts on his experience and see if she had any advice for mom's who are considering camp.

What advice would you give other mom's considering sending their kids for overnight camp?
I would tell parents to feel safe in sending their kids away to Pine Cove, because that was my biggest anxiety!  Would he be safe?  But the minute I dropped him off I felt like he was safe.  I kind of instantly knew that this was a good idea.  It was his first time to ever to go to an away camp.  My only regret is that I didn't send him earlier when he was younger.  I would also share with them that they post pictures daily of the kids and that made me feel a lot better.  Every day, I could log on and see what he was doing and how much fun he was having.  It was a great experience for us and we hope that whoever wins this year has just as great of an experience as we did!

Thanks, Debbie and Shepard for taking the time to share your memories and their advice with us.

REGISTER for the Overflow conference by May 15th to enter the drawing for the giveaway.  There is a box to check on the registration form to enter!  This is for first time Pine Cove campers only.  Silverado is for kids who will be in 2nd to 5th grade for the upcoming school year.  Winners can choose from any week in the 2017 summer schedule with an opening.  Click on the link below to register and enter to win!   We can't wait to see who goes to camp this year!

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