Free February Calendar and Book Giveaway

It's February...the month of LOVE!  We found a fun blog by Ann Voskamp that includes a free February calendar that we thought you might enjoy.  She encourages her readers to give away what we already have in kindness and love to the world around us.  You can find an excerpt of the blog below along with a link to read it in it's entirety.  In keeping with the idea of her blog (and because we like giveaways) we thought we would do a book giveaway too.  All you have to do is comment on this blog post or on social media about your favorite activity from the calendar before February 13th at midnight.  We will post the winner of Ann's book, The Broken Way, on Valentine's Day.  Now hurry up and read the blog, download your calendar, enter the drawing, and join us in spreading kindness and love throughout our communities!  We can't wait to see who wins!

Because You So Want to Love Right Now - Ann Voskamp

You’re in, right?

You’ve got nothing to lose, right? And only a whole lot of unexpected joy to gain.

Dare with us in 2017?

Let’s start a bit of a kindness movement, a giving, generous, caring, broken and given and transforming movement, that moves us all closer together?

In tender times,  bruised with division — now is the time to all reach out our arms and give one intentional kindness, grace, gift forward today, every day, because now is the season that we live broken and given like bread because this is how we’re given a feast of love, of connection, of community, of communion.

Natalie GibbComment