Wisdom for Women at Bayou City Fellowship by Magen Friedmann

Wisdom for Women is a very unique women’s ministry.  We are part of Bayou City Fellowship, but we reach women across all generations, churches, and stages of life. We gather once a month to share and encourage each other through life’s challenges.  There is no commitment and no prep-work, so join us any time you can!
This ministry is something that I have become so passionate about in the last several months. Women are bombarded from so many places. “Be something different. Be something more.” But God doesn’t want us to miss all the blessings that He has for us where we are right now. This ministry has taught me so much about being present in God's plan, and saved me from so many low points.  These women have guided me in truth, in scripture, and in honest experiences to show me what it means to be the woman God created ME to be.
Wisdom for Women is a place to be embraced by women of all generations, be encouraged, and hear truth spoken over you. We have a group of mature women that share the spiritual truths that God showed them during the victories and failures of their own struggles in life. The setup is fluid, fun, engaging, and offers so many opportunities for peace, encouragement, and relationships for wherever you are in life. Our hope for you when you walk through the door is to easily plug in, by asking your own questions and getting to know the other women in your community.
Go to our website below to pick which of the Spring Branch or Cypress campuses works best for you. Just be sure to register online to get that month’s address since we change up our meeting locations.
This is a place where you can come just as you are, and be encouraged wherever you are. Our next meetings are coming up this weekend on February 25th for Spring Branch and February 26th for Cypress.  Come join us!

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