Forgiveness by RT Kendall

Back in November, Bayou City Fellowship had a special visitor that shared a special message on forgiveness.  RT Kendall is an author and teacher, as well as being the pastor of the historic Westminster Chapel in London until 2002.  He is an author of over 60 books and we were so honored that he came to teach at Bayou City!

I personally listened to this message over the Christmas holidays, and it had a profound impact on me.  I believed that I had done all of the forgiveness work I needed to do to deal with my past, but God is so gracious and gentle, and He showed me a new level that needed to be healed through RT Kendall's words.  They were healing medicine to an open wound in my heart.  Even if you think you don't need to listen, push play anyway!  His words are life-giving and true, and I promise it will not be wasted time.  Be blessed sisters and know that you are being prayed for and loved in a mighty way!





Natalie Gibb2 Comments