Foundations Discipleship

Ladies we are so excited to bring you an amazing opportunity that is being offered at Bayou City Fellowship.  It is called Foundations Discipleship.  It is being headed up by Summer Fritsche who is an amazing and funny member at Bayou City!  We asked Summer to give us an inside vision of what the program is all about.  If you have questions, let us know, or contact Summer directly.  Her information is at the bottom of this blog post.

Foundations Discipleship is really about laying a solid and accurate foundation for your faith. If you are wanting to grow together in community with women and the Lord, are a new believer, or have been in the church for so long that you now feel embarrassed asking questions (that was totally my story), this is the place for you. Together, we will walk through a myriad of topics in a conversational setting.  Topics include: What is the triune God? Is spiritual warfare real? What are spiritual gifts and how can they be applied? What is community really supposed to look like? What does the Bible say about sin, forgiveness and grace? and the list goes on. We hope to bond to each other and to God, learning more about him and his word, and what it really means to live for him and do work for his kingdom. We will meet three Mondays a month, 7-9PM, September to May. We kick off September 26. If anyone is interested in being discipled, email me for more info. Its not too late to get involved!

Summer Fritsche | (281)772-2917 | Faster response through text

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