Interview with Melissa Williams

If you have been to Overflow before, then you know Melissa Williams and her amazing sense of humor.  If you are ever in a bad mood this is the woman you want to go have coffee with, trust me!  She has made us laugh, shared her wisdom as a single mom, taught us to see ourselves as He sees us and so much more.  She is coming back this year as a breakout speaker and we cannot wait.  Here she is in her own words…and I dare you not to laugh out loud!

You have the BEST laugh! What really tickles you and gets you laughing?  

Oh you’ve heard my laugh!?

Lots of things make me laugh...facial expressions….really get me! Real life stuff….being goofy with my daughter…I really enjoy making OTHER people laugh.

This year, you have been running races and getting up most mornings before dawn to go to boot camp. What motivates you to keep getting up, getting going, and getting fitter?

Oh gosh-thanks for noticing….I guess my Facebook statuses really DO GET READ.  I move because my Mom and many women in my family before me STOPPED….I hate to get so serious on the 3rd question . But if I’m being transparent that is my truthful answer. Jesus gave me this body and if I JUST MOVE for Him---I know He will bless my movements. I think being strong in all areas of my life makes Him happy. On a lighter note: working out and running allows me to eat a tiny bit more…and we all know Jesus invented Oreos and they were NOT meant to be LOOKED AT!

You have been an important part of both of the past Overflow gatherings. Do you have a favorite memory or experience to share with us?

I still can remember when Natalie took me to lunch…we were there to talk about this amazing Single Mom Event---then she popped the question: “Will you be our first speaker…?” I looked around – like “who me…?” What an honor. I got in the car that day and cried to myself…..THIS is why I went through what I went through as a single mom….I can relate to millions of Mom’s….ME----Melissa Williams. Yes I said millions because I truly feel we will end up talking to and with and loving on millions….! I also remember meeting Natalie Mott (another Natalie) J Anyway-she was the 2nd speaker of the day at the very first Overflow-I was so intimidated-she was a SPEAKER….someone who had done THIS before. Sure, I had made people laugh---but THIS was different. After I spoke she walked up to me with tears and shared how what I SAID changed her life….Something I SAID made her change her way of thinking….WHAT!!?? Our bond has not been broken. Take that Enemy!!!

What is your very favorite way to spend time with your daughter, Kyleigh?

Well now that she is away at College (University of Arkansas-Woo Pig Sooie) we have some interesting Facetime conversations….BUT before College---we loved spending time at the pool. We love the outside! Couch time….lifetime movies….(yep Mom of the Year) What a better place to teach what our daughter SHOULD NOT DO!!! We love being in the same car. I know that seems silly….but as a single Mom that is where most conversations happened—and when she started driving-we mourned that time. We also laugh a lot!!!

What one piece of advice would you give to moms with high school students who are facing the unknown of what life will be like after their kid is off to college?

Stay close to Him….you will need to recognize His voice. What I mean by that is when I got home from dropping my daughter off 10 hours away, I got home to this empty house and the enemy was waiting. “you’re single…you have NO responsibilities ….let’s go back to having fun….No one will know….” Blah blah blah---I am speaking for myself here, but I was terrified. “Did I just become a Christian for my daughter? Was this real? Does Jesus LOVE ME as an alone single woman or did He just love me as a Single Mom…?” Be ready – Be equipped. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror….get to know yourself again…You DID IT!!! You raised a human. Nope, we are not finished by any means but THAT part is. Embrace it. Don’t try and BE alone and super woman during this time----Ask some friends to spend time with you, find community, don’t isolate yourself….

What do think Jesus says about Overflow? 

Oh he loves it!! He may come back at an actual Overflow Event J ok, ok maybe not, but this is what He loves. He sits with us Single Moms while we cry in our rooms…or while we are stressing at the different functions….He is right next to us ALWAYS….but THIS event is like His Prom. He gets to be glorified publically….He gets to see His sweet daughters get loved on. He smiles a lot….and of course opens the doors for us….He gets to hear stuff like: “He’s my husband…my comforter….even my “reprimander”…He gets to hear us acknowledge we KNOW He’s there….He even gets to see us figure out we are NOT alone. He is proud of us----not that He needs it but the reenergizing that His daughters get only makes the weeks that come after so sweet to Him.

(I hope that made sense)

We want to thank Melissa for sharing her heart and her wisdom with us today.  She has the experience and the insight to speak into a lot of places in many of our lives.  I can’t wait to see what the Lord gives her to share with us this year.  Only a few more weeks until we get to meet you face to face.  We cannot tell you how excited we are!  If you still haven’t registered you still can!  Just click on the link and bring a friend or invite a co-worker.  It is going to be an amazing day in the House!

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