Interview with Amy Kidd

Amy Kidd is a professional photographer, mother, friend, singer, confidante, and an amazing woman of God.  She was a breakout speaker last year at Overflow, and she is returning this year to share her wisdom with us.  Her spirit will put you at ease as soon as you enter into her presence and she is wise beyond her years.  She is a mother to four amazing kids who love her deeply and dearly.  Amy soaks up the love of Jesus and then pours it out onto others around her.  We are so excited that she is part of this year’s Overflow.  We know that God is going to give her an amazing message to share with all of you.  We asked her to share a little of her life and family with us today…

In your Photography studio who would you want to photograph and why?

This year I had the privilege of having two people who have deeply influenced my walk, in front of my camera lens. I was asked to do press shots for Beth Moore, and I enjoyed every single minute of it because she had such a profound impact in my life. I have also had the privilege of taking pictures at two small gatherings with Bob Goff.  Hearing him speak and hanging around him was a game changer for me. I strive to live a life of extravagant love and kingdom like adventure that exudes out of him. Ten years ago, while walking through a difficult season, I would have never guessed I would have even had a photography business, let alone have the honor of photographing two giants in the faith. God’s redemption plan is better than anything I could have dreamed of.

What is your favorite song on your playlist right now?

I am funny about music and anyone who knows me knows I have many “favorite” songs. If I had to choose only one right now, I would choose, Lion and the Lamb, by Leeland.  Seriously, go buy it right now!  One of my favorite lines is… “He is roaring with power and fighting our battles!”  Yes, please!

Tell us about your family?

I have four children that I love with all of my heart.   My oldest daughter is 21.  She is heading to California all summer to work at a camp and will transfer to Liberty University this fall. My oldest son will be 18 in a few weeks and will be a senior next year, so we are in the thick of SAT/ACT testing and essay writing. He is also a fire fighter and works hard at everything he does.  My two youngest children are 11- year old boy/girl twins, my double blessings, who light up our home every day. Between the both of them they play the piano, cello, build forts, ride bikes, and come up with crazy inventions all the time. We go a hundred miles an hour around here and love spending lots of time with our church family and friends.  I often say, “My cup overflows!”  And although I am usually referring to my countless blessings, at times I just might be referring to my overflowing calendar, laundry baskets, grocery carts, and daily to do lists! I count it all as joy though and wouldn’t want it any other way.

What do you think is so special about real and trusting friendships between women?

There is nothing better in life than real and trusted girl friends!  You know those moments when you want to stop and cherish something deep in your heart?  That is how I often feel about my best girl friends.  These friendships will carry us through so many years in our lives- through raising kids, letting go of kids, marriage struggles, career changes, and into old age. They are the wind in our sails and our champions day in and day out.  I always encourage women to ask God to bring them a few women like this in their lives.  Through victory and loss, one thing I need, is a safe place to feel unconditional love and acceptance from other human beings.  These women truly inspire me to embrace my unique gifts and personality, they bring humor into any situation, help me let my hair down and have fun when I need a good laugh, and they fight like crazy for me and my kids if I need it.

How has Overflow impacted your own life as a single mom?

Last years overflow conference was like none other.  The only word I can use to describe it is, empowering.  The speakers were some of the most inspirational speakers, and they gave me truths I have carried with me all year long. The presence of God was thick and I felt a weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I could literally see the hope and strength growing in each woman as the day went on. Since then, I have developed several lasting and meaningful relationships with women who attended. It was wonderful getting to know other women in my community that long to live full and meaningful lives.   I love how our church described single moms as they advertised Overflow.  They said it was a conference for the unspoken hero’s of our day who are fighting for something better day in and day out.  Just hearing how they described single moms made it so worth being a part of the overflow community.   Knowing that not only do others see and value what you are trying to do each day, but want to equip you to be able to do it, makes it worth getting out of bed with a smile on your face each day.

What do you hope that the women walk away with after Overflow?

My deepest hope for the women of Overflow would be that they would see themselves as God sees them and that they would feel greatly encouraged and empowered to walk out their lives with joy and strength every day!

We want to thank Amy for taking the time to share with us today.  She has been part of Overflow from the beginning and it is a ministry near and dear to her heart.  I personally can’t wait to hear what she has to share on June 18th.  I know that God will use her and her story in a mighty way.  We can’t wait to see you!  We are less than a month away!  See you soon!

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