Where You Sit is How You Stand by Logan Wolfram

Today we wanted to share a blog with you from Proverbs 31 ministries by Logan Wolfram on the subject of identity.  We are including an excerpt to the blog with a link to the full article.  Below the link we are also including a link to a free printable that we hope you will print out and place in your dressing area to remind you of who God is and who He says that you are.  We pray that this is encouraging to you and reaffirming to your identity in Christ!

Where You Sit is How You Stand

The words that reduced me to tears came from a Dove Soap video produced in France:

“You have a big chest and short legs. Some women can make that work. But you … you’ve got no charm. You’re just fat and ordinary.”

“Every time you smile, those baby teeth you have make you look like a mouse.”

“Sit straight up so your belly doesn’t look so big.”

In the video, women had been asked to record a journal with all the thoughts they had about themselves throughout the day. Dove then turned the women’s thoughts into a dialogue that played at a street café within earshot of several other tables, including tables where the original women sat.

Strangers overhearing the conversation were appalled to hear how the women spoke to one another, and they interrupted the exchange.

“That’s so violent what you’re saying to her! You should stop. Your words are so unkind.”

When the original women realized those spoken words were the thoughts they’d written in their journals, they were mortified.

- See more at: http://proverbs31.org/devotions/devo/where-you-sit-is-how-you-stand/#sthash.6W6HM2Kz.dpuf

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