Low to High by Joey Turman

First it started out as a curiosity. Would it be possible to trek back-country from the lowest point in the Lower 48 (Death Valley) to the highest point (Mt. Whitney)? This trek covers a distance of close to 150 miles through harsh landscape with a temperature range starting over 100 degrees and ending below freezing. The curiosity became reality and that reality has translated to half-a-dozen treks.

Now this curiosity has now been replaced with a passion to use this trek to reach young men whose mindset limits them from reaching their God-given potential.  We have seen young men changed through experiencing the Low to High – through experiencing what can be achieved when you set a goal, train for the goal and then remain focused on achieving the goal one step at a time for 150 miles.  

We are preparing for another Low to High this coming fall (Sept 16-29, 2016) and have slots for boys who could benefit from this experience. We will have Christian adult men on the trip who have completed the Low to High and who have a passion for speaking into the lives of young men.

(The following link is a trailer with scenes from our last Low to High in the fall of 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0PcWbarbOk )

If you have a boy who meets the qualifications listed below and would benefit from this trip, contact me, Joey Turman, at joeyturman@yahoo.com. I will be happy to give you more information, including experience of the Low to High team.  We have scholarships available to assist in making this trip a reality if finances are a concern.


-       Minimum age 14

-       Willing to train in advance (we have men who will assist in this)

-       Need to be willing to commit to the trek by June 1

The Low to High team is excited for this upcoming adventure and ministry experience - taking boys where few have been, and where they can experience God’s amazing creation in full.

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