Help Your Kids Overcome a Learning Disability with Tips I Learned From My Own Parents by Deeanne Gist

"Day after day I’d go home defeated, for I understood everything the teacher said, I just couldn’t keep the letters in my assignments from jumbling. Yet no matter how defeated I felt, every night my parents would tell me I wasn’t dumb. That I was smart—in some ways smarter than all the rest because I was passing, and I couldn’t even use the books to help me. I had to do it all through oral retention. I was so smart, they said, I could do anything I set my mind to."  Deeanne Gist

Today, we are sharing our dear friend Deeanne Gist's blog on how her parents encouraged her to believe that she could overcome a learning disability and become an award winning author!  Keep loving and believing in your children and watch them become all that the Lord created them to be!
ALSO, we are giving away a copy of Deeanne's book "Tiffany Girl"!  Just comment below on a way that you encourage your kids or something your parents said to encourage you!  We will choose a winner on Friday!


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