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Do you have a son who will be in high school next school year?  Our friend, Eric Swithin runs a non-profit organization called Outdoor Adventures and they have a really wonderful program called Walkabout that focuses specifically on fatherless boys. Eric was himself raised by a single mother, and without the presence of a positive male role-model in his life, Eric fell into gangs and drugs as a teenager. It wasn't until he gave his life to the Lord and surrounded himself with father-like figures that he was able to learn how to walk a path of honor, integrity and purity.

This is a huge reason why Eric started the Walkabout program. He feels called by the Lord to pick up the slack in the lives of boys who need a father figure. Eric served four years in the United States Marine Corps, received his BA in Economics from Rice University, and his Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He loves the outdoors and the mountains and helping men encounter God in a tangible way.  Walkabout is an annual three month mentorship program for a few high school aged boys that incorporates sports, life-skills training and Biblical discipleship. Essentially, it offers boys positive adult male role-models to help them grow into men. Graduation from this program takes place during a week-long backpacking trip in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The program is free for participating boys!  Eric and Outdoor Adventures never wants money to stand in the way of being able to build into andwork with a boy. They typically only have high-school boys in the Walkabout program, but exceptions have been made if the candidate exhibits a certain level of maturity. Walkabout only accepts 8 students per year with an interview process before a candidate is accepted. Last year, couple of sons of one of our Overflow moms were a part of the Walkabout program and they said it was fun, personally challenging and a huge blessing!

With regards to the men that will be mentoring Walkabout students, they are all mature men of God, who have been vetted personally by Eric. All of the mentors have been background checked and trained. Per their company protocol, no mentor, at any time, is allowed to be alone with a student. All mentors work in pairs and undergo rigorous screening to ensure they are qualified to teach, train and disciple. Simply stated, these are honest men who are faithful fathers, husbands and Christians.  

Please contact Eric for more information and to apply by emailing him at eric@outdooradventures.club. 

You can also find out more about Walkabout at

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