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Hey y'all!

My name is Meghan Mazerolle. I'm 23 years old and I am so excited to be guest blogging for Overflow today! My story is one with deep pain, as I lost my father unexpectedly at a young age, forcing my mom to become a single mom. However, my story is also one of great joy and hope, as I have seen the faithfulness of Jesus over and over again in my own life and in the life of my family! God is faithful in spite of us and He is good despite our circumstances! I pray this blog post would give encouragement to the weary single mother who wonders if her heart is truly seen. As a child that has walked in that reality, I can confidently say this: My mom is my hero.


 Hey Mom,

 How are you? Tired, I'm sure.

You work so hard at your job all day, then run to get me or take me to whatever activity is next, feed me, try to talk me about my day (key word TRY), and you wait up for me to get home.

All the while, somewhere in there, you, maybe, take care of yourself? Maybe you eat? Maybe you sit down? Maybe you breathe? Maybe.

You're tired and I see it. You're worn out and I feel it. You're lost and I know it.

You want answers and seem to only get more questions. You seek success and keep getting hit with failure. You desire for change, yet wall after wall rise up to surround your life.

You feel trapped. You wake up every day and wonder if you will make it through. You worry about me and my siblings and pray to God that this is never the life that will they live.

And in the same breath, you ask that same God why this is yours? Why is this your reality? If you are a good, good father, then why does life always feel bad? Like it’s against you.

Momma, you feel defeated and I know it. You feel so alone. You are worn out. 

But you know what else Mom? You want to know what else I know? What else I see? 

I see a beautiful woman. Radiant, in fact.

I see a selfless servant, who gives above and beyond of herself. Every. Single. Day.

I see the strength of a warrior, because you feel the battle of life and you have learned how to fight back.

I see that you love me WAY more than I deserve. 

I see someone beautifully and wonderfully made, knit in the womb by our Creator, and all together lovely.

I see amazing compassion that has come from weathering the storms of life.

I see beauty in scars that has come from deep, painful wounds. 

I see hope, that comes from knowing Our God is for us.

I see surrender, to the King who holds all things together, and is holding you. So close.

I see the person I am the most proud to know and learn from.

I see the most incredible woman in the world.

I see my mom. 

I love you.



Your Daughter

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