Outback Retreat for Parents and Teens/Young Adults

There is an amazing retreat coming up very soon that we wanted to make you aware of today!  Outback is a retreat for parents and their teenagers/young adults focused on reconciling relationships, and it is happening November 4th-6th in Brenham, Texas.  Our own Amy Kidd has been involved with this ministry in the past, and is an advocate of the transformation that can take place on these weekends.  In Amy’s own words, “Outback Texas is life-changing!  It can change the trajectory of the relationship with your teen!” 

Outback is designed for ages 13 through young adulthood.  We have listed a description from their website below, as well as, a link to their website and registration page.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Outback Texas is about building, restoring and strengthening relationships. The weekend experience is designed to give parents and teens, husbands and wives or college students a practical strategy for daily living, focusing on their relationship with God, their family, friends, church and community.

The cost to attend an Outback Texas weekend is $350 for a parent/teen guest pair. If this fee presents a problem for you, we have scholarships readily available. It is our mission that no one be turned away for financial reasons. You’ll be able to request a scholarship at the end of the registration process.

Relationships are strengthened, commitments are made, character is developed. and changed hearts are the result …


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