The Scandal of Election 2016 - Beth Moore

In today's hotbed of political discussions and opinions, we wanted to share a blog that was recently posted by Beth Moore on her blog.  It reminds us that no matter what politics fly, we stand on the Truth of the Gospel.  It has been entrusted to us to share with the world and we are called to follow the Almighty Creator.  We pray that her message shines a bright light of hope into a world filled with darkness.  Here is an excerpt that we thought was especially meaningful to our Overflow community:

We are only as powerless as our passivity. We still have voices to raise at deafening volume for the vulnerable. We still have knees to drop in contrition and desperate need for intervention. We still have feet to run to the aid of those in crisis like single mothers who need support. Like under-served school kids who need tutors. Like neighbors who are being ostracized. Like homeless who need help with shelter. Like teenagers who turn up with unwanted pregnancies. Like the hated, mistreated, forgotten, overlooked, unheard. Paul didn’t tell the government to overcome evil with good. He told us to.  Beth Moore

Click below to read the blog in it's entirety:

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