Wildfire Podcast with Ashley Kidd


Today we want to introduce you to two of our favorites around Bayou City Fellowship, Debra Parker and Ashley Kidd.  Debra hosts a podcast called Wildfire and today she interviewed Ashley Kidd and we just really think you will enjoy it.  Ashley is the daughter of our own Amy Kidd.  If you have been to the Overflow conference you have probably benefited from Amy's wisdom, and today we thought you might benefit from her daughter's wisdom.  Here is a little info about The Wildfire Podcast and the interview today!  Enjoy!

The Wildfire Podcast, hosted by Debra Parker, invites you to get to know high school and college aged girls. These girls carry with them a wild and free love for Jesus. As you listen we hope you will be reminded of the wild spirit living inside of you.

"There is a beautiful plan and an exciting adventure for you and if circumstances have said otherwise the enemy has tried hard to discourage you from the truth."-- Just one of the truth bombs from Ashley Kidd. On today's podcast Ash and I talk about dreaming + calling, how to know what God has called you to do, and how to live that calling out. Also about how single moms basically teach us all how to run through brick walls. Listen by clicking the link or search for Wildfire Podcast on iTunes. (Wildfire Podcast is especially designed for high school and college aged girls, but all are welcome to listen in.) #borrowingcourage #girlinthewild

Debra Parker

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