Well ladies it has officially been 3 weeks since the start of school for us!  How are you doing?  I myself am exhausted!!  Back to the regular routines and carpools, all while juggling jobs, groceries, homework, and dare I say it…HOMEWORK!  That being said I do love that both my boys are in bed at a decent hour and I can have some quiet time before I go to bed.  It is such a double-edged sword between having a schedule and juggling it all.  

Liesel and I just wanted to give you guys an opportunity today to sound off on where you are at in this process.  Feel free to email us at or you can go directly to the Overflow website at and click on the blog tab to write your comments.  How are you?  How are the kids?  Do you need any helpful tips to manage time, homework, schedules or menus, or do you need to just connect and be heard?  We want to come together to be a support system throughout the year, but we can’t do that if we don’t reach out for help.   We sure don’t want to give you one more thing to do, but if you need support we are here for you and for each other.  

We are praying for you in this transitional season.  We hope and pray that the peace that transcends all understanding is settling over your houses and your families.  Enjoy your weekend mamas!  You have earned it!  We love you fiercely!

Natalie and Liesel

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