Being Thank-full Goes Beyond Counting Your Blessings - Tracie Miles

Today we wanted to share a blog with you from Proverbs 31 ministries.  It was written by Tracie Miles and we think it captures the heart behind the Thanksgiving holidays.  You can read an excerpt below and click on the link to connect to their website.  

"Being "thankful" does not automatically mean we are being thank-full. Being thankful for the good things is really just being glad we are benefiting from those good things and appreciating God’s blessings upon us. But being truly thank-full requires looking beyond our blessings, to the One who blesses. It’s about being full of gratitude for Christ, not just being full of thanks for what He has given us or done." - Tracie Miles

We are praying for you and your children during this Thanksgiving week.  We pray that you feel HIs presence near to you.  We pray that you and your children feel HIs abundant love for you.  We pray that this week is peaceful and blessed in your home.  We pray that you know how thankful we are to have you as part of this community!  Happy Thanksgiving! We love you tremendously!

Natalie Gibb

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