Pizza in the Park on Wednesday, October 14

Pizza in the Park at Bear Creek Park

We're bringing the food and games. You just bring your kids and your self! We are so looking forward to meeting you, or seeing you again if we've already met. 

3535 War Memorial St

Houston, TX 77084

Start time: After 6pm

If you plan on attending, would you do us a really quick favor and email us at We want to know how much pizza to order. Just tell us how many you're bringing to feed, and we'll be ready for your clan! This is also the email to use if you have dietary issues, concerns, or prayer requests.  

The verses we read were Isaiah 40:11 and John 8:12. 

We love you and we can't wait to see you on Wednesday! 

With All Our Hearts, 

Liesel and Natalie

Liesel AraozComment